Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

This national park is very close to our heart. It’s what started it all for us, where our passion became an addiction for camping and visiting as many wilderness park areas as we can became a monthly goal.This park is beautiful! With it’s Joshua trees*, its big boulders challenging the hiker in all of us to explore. You will experience a free concert every night performed by the local coyotes that will help you feel the real meaning of nature camping.  The sky is beautiful here. In all the camping we have done, there is definitely something special about the sky here. We highly recommend night hikes here, give your eyes 20-25 minutes to accustom to the darkness and go explore with your camera. This park, as well as Death Valley, is ideal for meteor showers. Check meteor showers calendar at:


It does get busy here so we recommend either making a reservation or come as early in the week as you can. The good part is that most of the campgrounds give each space a good amount of privacy and intimacy. The park has 9 campgrounds, all great! Our choice would be Black Rock, Jumbo Rocks, Sheep Pass or Hidden Valley campgrounds since they are located in the heart of the park. Our favorite is Jumbo Rocks due to all the jumbo rocks embedded in the campground!


When we first camped here, we brought lobster tails as our first course and steak marinated in red wine as a second course. As sides, potatoes or asparagus worked great for the feast!

The area is safe and peaceful although a popular spot, the campers from our experience are generally quiet and nature lovers appreciating the sounds of nature rather than their music on loud speakers. Do watch out for tarantulas and snakes although with our visits to the park, we have never seen neither one, we hear its common to encounter them on your hikes. Make sure you have a lot of water! You will be surprised at how fast you can run out and the nearest store is 45 minutes to an hour away if you decide to camp in the more secluded campgrounds as we did.

There are red ants around the campsites so a nice bug spray, like Deet’s, could be useful especially if you visit around the warm season and are wearing open toe shoes.

*Joshua Trees got their name from Mormon settlers in the mid 1800s who thought the trees reminded them of the biblical story character Joshua described as raising his arms up when praying.

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Jumbo Rocks Campground


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