Wasatch National Forest


Taking you all back to our road trip last summer to the Grand Tetons, there is one campground that stays vivid in our minds as one of the most beautiful location we ever came across.

To start, the best part of the trip began when we hit northern Utah. All we had experienced in Utah in the southern part of the state was dry heat so we were looking forward to heading north toward the mountainous part. After driving on what seemed an endless road for 4-5 hours we hit Provo, a town nestled at the edge of the Wasatch National Forest.

From Provo we entered the forest taken over by lush and thick conifers and a home that felt to be a very healthy wild habitat. Highway F030 took us on a path full of lakes, rivers and meadows. It is breathtaking the fresh air that enters your lungs.


Ledgefork Campground, UT

Provo Falls, Utah

An hour we drove through a sunny pass full of beautiful pines, and as we got higher in mountains we hit a fresh summer mini rainstorm. It felt mystical. We finally came across a sign for Ledgefork Campground, located at 8,000 feet in elevation and what would be our campground for one night. (This was mainly only because we wanted to reach the Tetons in Wyoming soon enough so that we have as many days as possible there.)


We highly recommend this campground and its creeks! We camped among a heavy pine forest setting at the edge of a creek where we hear trout fishing is great. The campground had a pleasant sweet smell of flowers, fresh grass and pine. It really felt embracing. As night fell we began hearing cowbells around us and as we looked across the creek from us we saw a group of cows chewing happily on their mouthfuls of grass. They seemed very interested in us and curious at what we were doing across the creek from them. Then slowly they walked away toward what we guessed was the ranch they belonged to.

We remember that night clearly and how taken we were by our surroundings. We didn’t feel hungry or tired, we just wanted to sit still or walk through the path among the trees quietly so that we may really listen to the lively nature around us. We went to bed late and woke up early to the sound of cowbells, chewing and heavy breathing by our tent. As we slowly got out of our tent we were shocked to see 15-20 cows all with cowbells grazing peacefully all around our tent. What a great moment that was.

If you are looking for beautiful mountain camping and fishing and an experience to pull you away from the cities and congestion, this will give you that recharge needed!

Helpful links: http://www.forestcamping.com/dow/intermtn/wascmp.htm#ledgefork


Ledgefork Campground, UT

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