Hobo Hammock


This month we got a chance to try out our new Hobo Hammock. We love this hammock! This is the best camping hammock that we have owned. What makes this one so special is that when you purchase one hammock from www.hobohammocks.com, you are also buying a nice nutritious meal for someone in need. It’s rare that you come across a company that has such a strong focus on using their  profit to help out their community. This company works with Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City, Utah, to help provide meals to the homeless with every hammock they sell. You can read more about their story on their website.

What we love about the hammock itself is that it’s large and strong enough to hold two people comfortably due to the sturdy (extra-length) straps included and the nylon material the hammock is made out of. It would make a great hammock for overnight sleeping and as a plus to their smart design you can wrap it around you as cocoon when you lay down so not only can it keep you warm but also keep the bugs away. Another great thing about it is that it is very easy to hook and hang around the trees, having the extra length in the straps allows you to adjust based on the various distances between the trees you find at your campsite. The hammock fits really nicely in a small tight pouch provided, making it light and easy to pack up for your hiking or camping trip.

**Another reason why you should go out and buy one today is that just for being our blog followers, Hobo Hammocks has given us a discount code to share with all of you that will give you $10 off per each hammock you purchase! Go to the site and use ‘adventuresofthewest’ as the discount code at check out and you will receive 10$ off each hammock you place in your cart.

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5 thoughts on “Hobo Hammock

  1. Hey, I’d love to try that! I always bring a hammock with me when I’m out camping. There’s no better way to relax outdoors, eh?

  2. I used a hammock for the first time in my last camping. And my girlfriend really liked it. I memorised that moment when reading this article. Thanks for a nice one.

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