Barebones Lantern


We would like to highlight one of our latest camping gear additions, our new Barebones Forest Lantern. Although Barebones has its own website where you can purchase these babies ( ),  you can also find them on REI’s website.

After a lot of searching for a lantern that has a nice warm tone to it instead of a bright fluorescent look we finally found this beauty.

Once fully charged, it will last up to 80  hours  depending on how bright you adjust the light. It also has a USB port feature where you can charge your iPhone or iPod while camping away from electricity.

We have since used it on all our camping trips and we love its look and most importantly the beautiful warm but powerful light it projects, bright enough to light up the whole campsite. It’s easy to hold as you cross a creek bank or go night fishing on a dock at Lake Casitas in Ojai and just as beautiful laying on the picnic table while you enjoy a nice meal fresh off the campfire, definitely worth the $80.